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Demetrius Ward is a vocalist with a confident and soothing sound that makes everyone feel comfortable, attentive, and happy. You could say he's everyone's favorite person! Demetrius has a long history of singing, acting, and performing since he was a child. His greatest gift of all is his musical ability and knowledge. Starting at the age of 6, he played the drums; participated in several concerts along with performing in marching bands from middle school until college.

Trained professionally by voice actors from the Such a Voice organization in techniques, home studio, audio, social media, and marketing. Along with these training's Demetrius has successfully completed several voice-over courses with Such a Voice as well. Demetrius also possesses a certificate of completion from the Skill Success course: Voice-over for Beginners: Learn the Techniques and the Business.

The voice of Demetrius can be categorize in a variety of ways such as vibrant, optimistic, millennial, motivating, calm, sensual, comforting, passionate, engaging, confident, intellectual, and charismatic. These descriptions not only explain Demetrius vocal ability, but also his personality. Which makes his words, sounds, and feelings so genuine that his audience is captured to his every word. Demetrius greatest audience of all, is the toughest audience of all, children! Demetrius has worked with children for over 10 years and has retained much experience interacting with youth. Demetrius understands what it takes to captivate an audience, and his high energy along with his confident and comforting voice, insures that he is diligent and loyal to the process of delivering the best quality voice-over performance.

From my youth until this present time, I’ve been entertaining audiences of all sizes, and I have spent a long time making a name for myself; and there is no better time than now to do so. I am an incredibly passionate Voice Over Artist, who has been working in the industry since January 2018, and I am ready to start working with you on any projects you may have in mind.












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Request a quote

These are general estimates and actual rates may be below or above what is listed. I consider many factors when providing quotes, including your budget. The best way to know exactly what your project will cost is to contact me directly and discuss the details of your project. In the meantime, this will give you a good idea of what your project may cost.

All rates include:

-Edited voice tracks in MP3 & WAV formal.

-Delivery via email, Dropbox, Google Drive, or file transfer.

-Free retakes for any errors on my part.

*Retakes may be billed due to script changes after script approval and initial recording. A quote will be provided at that time.


Also included in rates:

-Professional, full-time, male voice talent

-Quick turnaround: typically 24 hours for smaller projects.

-Professional training and education specifically in commercial, narration, & broadcasting voice-over.

-Excellent communication and desire to provide the exact feel and message you’re looking for.

Your Budget

I understand you may be tasked with finding a voice-over within a certain budget. Remember, these are general base rates. If the rate listed doesn’t line up with your budget, please reach out. I am willing to try and come up with a solution that is acceptable for both of us.

All rates in USD

NON-BROADCAST: Explainer, Whiteboard

*Rates are for non-broadcast and do not include internet or social media advertising usage. See below for add-on rates.

Up to 90 seconds: $200-350

NON-BROADCAST: Corporate, Industrial, Medical, General Narration

*Rates are for non-broadcast and do not include internet or social media advertising usage. See below for add-on rates.

1-2 minutes: $250-400

3-5 minutes: $350-500

5-10 minutes: $450-600

10-15 minutes: $550-700

15-20 minutes: $650-850

20-30 minutes: $750-1250

30-40 minutes: $1150-1650

40-60 minutes: $1550-2250


BROADCAST: Radio Commercials (minimum rate/spot: 13 week cycle)

Local (Small Market): $450

Local (Large Market): $500

Regional: $900

National: $1200

BROADCAST: Radio Tags (minimum rate/spot: 13 week cycle)

Local: $150

Regional: $200

National: $350

BROADCAST: Television Commercials (limited to 1 year usage)

*Rates do not include internet or social media advertising usage. See below for add-on rates.

Local (Small Market): $550

Local (Large Market ): $800

Regional: $1150

National: $2000

BROADCAST: Television Tags (limited to 1 year usage)

*Rates do not include internet or social media advertising usage. See below for add-on rates.

Local: $300

Regional: $500

National: $700

WEB COMMERCIAL: Paid Placement

*Rates do not include social media advertising usage. See below for add-on rates.

8 Week Usage: $500

6 Month Usage: $750-1000

1 Year Usage: $1500-3000

SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE ADD-ON: (limited to 1 year usage)

*Rates are in addition to Non-Broadcast or Broadcast rates. Contact for quote if usage is only for social media. 

Paid Placement: $1000

Not Paid Placement: $350-500​


Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA

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